Post a day? Not!

So, in the post a day department, I’m a dismal failure. Heck, in the post a week department I’m probably only averaging about 50%.
My life is not as interesting as I thought it was, and when it comes to writing about I tend to think nobody is reading what I write, so, why bother. So, a little more about me: I braid, and knot, kangaroo leather lace; knot the odd scarf, attempt to crochet mini teddy bears (so many teddy parts), attempt kumihimo (Japanese braiding done on a round loom/disc thingy).
There, that’s enough of that.
Today (June 5th) was an absolutely gorgeous day, typical of the kind of Left Coast late spring/early summer that makes me so grateful my parents had the foresight to ensure I was born here. Most of the day hovered about the 20 Celsius mark – just right. Not hot, not cold, walk outside in your bathrobe and apart from maybe being seen by the neighbor, no reason to be concerned.
My next door neighbor, the woman who is never home, has a pond in the back yard. In the past, it has been a mosquito ranch, a very successful one at that. Today, I saw several small dragon flies, which hopefully mean the mosquito herd is soon to be culled.

Yah, it was a good day to be alive.