I’m not alone!

Wow – someone found me! Mind you, I had kinda been looking for her and got caught, but still, I was read by someone other than myself. Kewl.
As I said before, I’m new to the whole blog thing, and never did the diary-thing when I was a kid. So, spilling my guts to strangers is kinda weird. I’ll get over it.

One of the most interesting things about reading a someone else’s blog is stuff they write sometimes resonates within my own life, or strikes a note in my head. That note that says “pay attention stupid, I’m trying to tell you something”. I’m not a super church-going person – the last time I set foot in a church was when I was married(!) – but I do believe in a higher power. I think I do, at least, I ask for stuff (please let thus and such happen) or think good thoughts about someone who needs something. The rest of the time, I try, and often fail miserably, to lead a good life, and hope that I don’t screw up so badly that The Book has a big ol black line through my name.

Post a day? Not!

So, in the post a day department, I’m a dismal failure. Heck, in the post a week department I’m probably only averaging about 50%.
My life is not as interesting as I thought it was, and when it comes to writing about I tend to think nobody is reading what I write, so, why bother. So, a little more about me: I braid, and knot, kangaroo leather lace; knot the odd scarf, attempt to crochet mini teddy bears (so many teddy parts), attempt kumihimo (Japanese braiding done on a round loom/disc thingy).
There, that’s enough of that.
Today (June 5th) was an absolutely gorgeous day, typical of the kind of Left Coast late spring/early summer that makes me so grateful my parents had the foresight to ensure I was born here. Most of the day hovered about the 20 Celsius mark – just right. Not hot, not cold, walk outside in your bathrobe and apart from maybe being seen by the neighbor, no reason to be concerned.
My next door neighbor, the woman who is never home, has a pond in the back yard. In the past, it has been a mosquito ranch, a very successful one at that. Today, I saw several small dragon flies, which hopefully mean the mosquito herd is soon to be culled.

Yah, it was a good day to be alive.

Did It!

I made it! First All breed show this year as the official photographer, and I survived (either that or there is a ghost writer thing going on here!). Weather held out for the most part – a bit of rain on Friday and Saturday but it was otherwise perfectly fine. Rain is a real issue, people and dogs tend to look miserable when wet, and who wants a photo of a wet dog, wet handler and a wet judge? Not many!
Recieved some nice compliments about my work, and learned a few lessons – like ALWAYS have the backup/overflow disc in the camera, it will save your bacon when you mess up.

Career Change

Well, the day has come and gone – I am now officially no longer a full time professional dog handler. I made the decision to stop showing dogs full time when the photography looked like it was going to kick in full time.  At the end of May, I start with my first official all breed show this year, and have at least one show per month now until November.

My friends managed to completely surprise me at the Tyee Kennel Club show with a surprise ‘retirement’ party.  It’s actually more of a change of hats, because I’ll still be working and  still at dog shows, just doing something much different. I sat and took photos of the various groups, Best In Show, etc., while my friends were busy in the grooming area, setting up a snack table, complete with a stunning cake.

It’s going to be different, and the whole concept is somewhat scarey, but the support I’ve received from my friends is phenomenal.


I’m still trying to get the hang of the blog thing. At this point, I pretty much know that nobody else is reading it, or even knows that the blog exists, mainly because I’ve not told anyone (kinda goes without saying, doesn’t it?). I guess this means I’m talking to myself,  not good, or to future readers, much better.

I wanna go next year!

Today was the final day of what is billed as The Greatest Poodle Show on Earth, aka Poodle Club of America.  Three days of conformation judging that is exciting enough that it sends  cell phone usage in the small town of Salisbury, MD  through the ceiling.  Every class completed results in a flurry of calls and texts back to those who could not attend.

Ch. Jaset’s Satisfaction, London to his owners and friends was the ultimate winner of PCA ’11.

Huge congratulations to his owners, breeders and handlers – a job very well done, and a most popular win.

Wow, what to write?

I am a cyber stalker.

There, I’ve said it.  Daily, I click my various bookmarks to visit with people that I like to think of in friendly terms: Patience, Jane, Teri, Jen, The Daily Blonde.  I read about their travels, their life trials and tribulations.  I cry and sympathize with loss of loved ones, laugh at the incredibly funny stuff and marvel at the incredible gift of being able to communicate their thoughts  with the the rest of the world.

I’m going to try and keep up a blog – not because I think I can write like the people mentioned in the earlier paragraph, but because it’s a sounding board for me, and I need one of those in the worst way.  So, if you find your way here, say hi, and I will try to do the post a day thing, and maybe tell you a bit more about me.

Oh, and if anyone knows what happened to The Daily Blonde,  wanna tell me where she went?  Her blog site is empty.

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