December already??!!!

Wow – it’s December 1st and I can not believe the year has flown by. The last two months have been consumed by moving house, and I am not sure I’ll ever recover. I have never done a major move, and hope to not have to do it again in a hurry, either that, or to do it really soon, before I finish unpacking!
You have to understand that in the last 3 1/2 decades, I have changed residences a total of 5 times (not counting this move). First – out of my parents and in with an older, more worldly girlfriend. She had all the furniture, so I moved my guinea pigs, clothes and car. Second move: same roomie, her furniture and boyfriends did the move, I was at work. Both super easy moves. Third move: own apt, semi furnished. Bought a kitchen table and couch from the outgoing tennant, so, just clothes and car as well as some kitchen stuff.
Fourth move – into boyfriends’ batchelor apartment. He hated my furniture, and the guy taking over my old place loved it as it was, and bought everything – so, again, moved just clothes and car (the guinea pigs had stayed with earlier room-mate). Fifth move – I was away at a show, boyfriend (now husband) moved the contents of our tiny apartment while I was gone, and it didn’t take long. Are you seeing a pattern here?
Flash forward 20 years of domestic acquisition (aka hoarding and collecting). A kajillion boxes, an unrealistic deadline for moving truck day and way too much crap that was left unpacked. Thank God for opting to move prior to the end of the month, and being able to come back to clean and finish up. I tossed out more stuff than I knew I had, found stuff that I had forgotten and have now made a resolve that I will, over how ever long it takes, unpack one box per day and if it is something that I haven’t needed in 2 years, toss it, sell it or donate it.

Someday, I’ll be able to say I’m unpacked, and there are no boxes left. Lord knows when that will be, and he isn’t telling me.