anger frustration sorrow sadness  It’s not fair!

My dear friend, who has been battling cancer over the last year and a bit has just been told she has maybe a month, two at most.  The cancer has spread to her brain, and I guess that pretty much means the friend I love so much will be gone soon. 

She has fought so damned hard to live, and this latest is more than just a bump in the road, it’s a friggin landmine.  She had to argue to have a mastectomy (!), as there were indications that the cancer was in her spine and other areas, although there were no symptoms.  She dealt with the surgery – even with the hospital, in it’s wisdom, sending her home THE SAME DAY OF SURGERY with a strong and cheerful attitude.

She puked her way through chemo, and smiled and stayed strong.

We went to New York for the Westminster Dog Show, allowing her to cross that one off her bucket list.  She went to Aruba with her friend Teresa.  We were making plans to hit  Hawaii this winter.

Dammit – it just ain’t fair.


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