Settling In

It feels like home now. The fireplaces work great – and oddly enough, 72F with a fireplace (gas) is warmer than 72F with the heatpump system. Go figure.
As the house is not really a novelty (wait until spring and garden setting starts!), my mind wanders off on tangents. In my chosen life/profession/hobby, I have many gay/lesbian/transgender friends, but, because they are simply FRIENDS, I think nothing of their sexuality, no more than I think of the sexuality of my “straight” (gawd, I hate that term, it implies that people who are not must be bent/twisted, and that ain’t so) friends.
One of the current buzz topics seems to be gender bullying or gendered violence. I have to admit, I had no clue what on earth that actually meant, until I read this: It made me think, and re-evaluate some of the things I’ve taken for granted.

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