One of the great things about being a gadget freak is that it takes very little to make me happy. Electronics send me over the moon, and major purchases of electronics? Well, lets just say that a cigarette and a smile might be a satisfactory ending (or it would have been if I smoked).

I’ve just finished putting my photo viewing station network together. As all the “in the know” types wanted to sell me a system equivalent to a Ferrari when all I needed was a Volkswagen, it’s been a tough go. I finally found someone (Thank you, Kerrie!) that understood what I needed and the easiest way to accomplish it.

This is the stuff that makes a wannabe geek happy.


I am an admitted blog stalker. I am also a blog author, and a slack one at that. So now we’ve got those truths out of the way, I feel the need to remind the people whose blogs I read, YOU NEED TO KEEP UP! It’s like having a favorite author decide to stop writing, generally about the 4th or 5th book into a series. Not fair.
I wait for Murphy Monday – and it’s been two whole weeks since there has been an update.
I wait on Rosemary Farm – and continue to wait.

Please people, if your gonna do something that is as addictive as crack, then you need to keep up the supply, ok???

August so far

Just back from the Vancouver Island summer circuit. For the non-dogshow readers, a circuit is a series of shows held by different clubs, that are run on consecutive days. The Island Circuit starts in Campbell River on the Saturday, everyone moves 45 minutes down the highway to Courtenay for three more days on Monday after the show, and then on Thursday, there is the mad dash to Victoria (about 4 hours) for three more shows. Exhausting, but at the end of it, there are often many new champions, or top dogs, and sometimes the odd divorce!

It was only a matter of time, but I finally experienced my first theft. In my business, I deal with intellectual property (photography) and copyright is a big deal. I am the only one permitted by the club to take official photos, and have the appropriate signage, backdrops, lights, etc., with which to do just that. Some less than scrupulous individuals will attempt to circumvent the official process by standing off to the side with their own digital camera and a long lens, and take their own photos. This, dear readers, is theft. Pure, unadulterated theft, just as it would be if you went into my purse and took money out of my wallet. It is theft of copyright, and it is a common, and thought to be a victimless crime. Well, I’m here to tell you, I am the victim in this theft, as for every image shot by someone else, using my setup and signs, that is one photo I will not sell, UNLESS I CATCH YOU.

If I catch you, there will be repercussions. They might be as simple as a request to actually purchase the photo and to remove the offending photo from your Facebook page, or as drastic as embarrassing you in public by refusing to take an official photo of your dog and that really special win.
Regardless, the next time you decide to whip out your camera and take a photo of your dog having it’s photo taken with a judge, don’t do it. You’ll be happier that you didn’t.